3 pm EST. St. Mark’s Eve. Things Are Happening


It is real and confirmed and definitely happening that I will be revealing Something having to do with the Raven Cycle (it is what you think it is) on St. Mark’s Eve at 3 P.M. EST.

That’s Thursday, by the way, in case you didn’t commit book one to memory.


“There’s a pool table now! I’m the worst at pool ever! It’s wonderful.”


“For the love of … Parrish, take some care, this is not your mother’s 1971 Honda Civic.”
“They didn’t start making the Civic until ’73.”

yeah but i’m so excited for if ronan x adam becomes canon because if adam reciprocates ronan’s feelings that puts him in bisexual territory

i mean you can’t just write off his feelings for blue so

possible bisexual representation can i get a hell yeah

I was praying that you and me might end up together.


the scorpio races meme ➝ 4 characters

puck connolly


→ this tie could invert to be a noose instead

A mix for Blue and her Raven Boys.

01. Bloody Shirt - To Kill A King // 02. Bones - MS MR // 03. Blue Lips - Regina Spektor // 04. Human - Gabrielle Aplin // 05. Monster - Imagine Dragons // 06. Dreams ft. Gabrielle Aplin - Bastille // 07. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) - Ellie Goulding // 08. Wake Me Up - Avicii // 09. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Emily Browning // 10. I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie



Books meme » Twenty series and books [4/20]

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater


Books meme » Twenty male characters [1/20] | Noah Czerny (The Raven Cycle)

Something about Noah’s uneasy face reminded him of the frightened faces surrounding him, hornets on his skin, the sky blue as death above him. A long, long time ago, he’d been given another chance, and lately, the weight of needing to make it matter felt heavier. 


a ronan lynch & adam parrish fanmix

click here to listen.